Image Gallerie: Raising The Roof

Photos of the Rainy River Walleye Tournament tent being assembled and raised by an exceptional group of volunteers!

  • rrwt_roof1

    Just the Spikes

    The spikes were down and the tent was ready to be assembled before the volunteers arrived.

  • rrwt_roof2

    Roof Panels

    Volunteers began by unfolding each section of the roof and setting them togehter to be assembled.

  • rrwt_roof4

    Lacing Up

    As the panels are unfolded volunteers lace and velcro the pieces together.

  • rrwt_roof8

    Almost Ready

    After all the roof panels are unfolded, volunteers begin setting up the poles and placing all the necessary pieces around the tent to make set up as easy as possible.

  • rrwt_roof9

    Pole Preparation

    Volunteers working together to make sure every pole, nut, bolt and rope are in place before they begin to lift the sides.

  • rrwt_roof13

    Working Hard!

    Volunteers pushing up the final edges of the roof!

  • rrwt_roof14

    First Up

    The outer edge of the tent is the first to go up!

  • rrwt_roof18

    Center Poles

    After the outside poles were completed, the center beams were brought in and cranked up to elevate the center of the tent.

  • rrwt_roof20

    Ready To Hoist The Sides

    After volunteers used a forklift and some man-power to secure the poles for the sides of the tent, now they are ready to be lifted into place.

  • rrwt_roof21

    Final Touches!

    Volunteers busted out the heavy machinery to help tap the poles into their final position.

September 14-16, 2023

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